Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Miracle Tree

It's now 2014 and my Moringa tree has grown tall, towering above my roof. This is one of the trees I planted from seeds. Please read blog below for more information about this tree.


I planted my miracle tree July 2010. A friend of mine sent me some seeds. It took a while for the seeds to germinate but finally they did. Everyday I watered then. Finally they were strong and tall enough to be transplanted.

I transplanted them in my front yard garden. They grew to be tall enough so that I could start taking leaves from the branches to be used for food.

In 2011 when the winter came they both died. Only sticks remained of them. The sticks were tall and very dry so I cut them off to the root. I was very disappointed about this. I told myself that I would not even try to grow them again .

In the Spring 2012 to my surprise, like a miracle I saw my two trees sprouting strong and tall from the ground. Now I know why it is called The Miracle tree.

I first leaned about the Moringa plant from my friend who sent me the seeds. I was very impressed about this tree so I did a Google search about it. I was glad I did.
I discovered so much about this awesome plant that is now saving the lives of many world wide.

Please watch the videos below to learn more about it.

Everyday I place a teaspoon of Moringa powder in my tea or coffee. I stir it in then I drink it. It make me feel so good. I have so much energy when I consume the powder.

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